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With students digital citizenship guaranteed through the integration of digital technology into their everyday lives, embedding student devices like laptops, tablets and to an extent, smart phones into the classroom, has the power to enhance student engagement and personalise learning approaches.


Student devices in the classroom are changing the face of teaching and learning by creating more dynamic, collaborative and engaging learning experiences like never before. Whether they be laptops, tablets, phones or other forms of technology, digital technology is remodelling and redefining the ways in which teachers teach, learners learn and people connect all over the globe.

While there may be some debate as to the need for students to engage with digital technology in the classroom, below we identify some key reasons as to how these tools can be powerful learning tools for your students.


Most, if not all education technology tools offer elements that support and facilitate student collaboration. Be it with their peers in the class or with others remotely, digital technology allows students to connect together, where eever they are around the world and work collaboratively on joint learning outcomes. 


Technology allows teachers to address the diversity of student learning needs in their classroom. Adopting hardware and software platforms into pedagogical approaches, teachers can develop student centred learning that supports each and every students learning needs.


Student devices put a world of knowledge at their fingertips, allowing them to quickly and easily access a huge variety of learning resources to support their inquiries and investigations. 


With more and more of our lives moving into the digital space, engaging with student devices allows students to develop knowledge and skill sets that will prepare them for their future. in addition, it provides them with a safe environment to develop an understanding of “responsible digital citizenship” and how to interact online. 


The benefit of using student devices in the learning is the ability to expand on the boundaries of the classroom, connecting students to the real world and engaging with resources, experts and other students from outside their localised community. In addition it allows students to engage in virtual experiences that their location may prevent them from participating in… deepening their experience and understanding of topics and content being covered. 



Laptops are a key go-to student device solution for schools, with their ability to easily install applications and software, surf the internet, connect easily to a school’s network as well as plug-in accessories and ancillary devices via HDMI, USB, and other connections. 

Often referred to as a ‘clam shells’, these devices can work with any lesson design to strengthen and extend the impact of the learning.

If you would like to discuss which solution best suits your needs please contact one of our education specialists and we can find the right solution for your needs. 


The rise of Tablets has changed the way in which teachers and students interact with the digital learning in the classroom. Utilizing the inbuilt cameras for video and image capture, the microphones and speakers for music production, as well as the touch capability that lies at the core of this device, students and teachers have been exploring how this user friendly and sleek learning tools can drive student engagement and learning outcomes. 

Often referred to as a ‘iPads, Tablets or Slate, like the laptop, these devices can work with any lesson design to strengthen and extend the impact of the learning, and drive a teacher’s digital pedagogical approach.

Supplying all the major and reputable brands, we can work with you to find the best solution that suits your needs – reach out to one of our education specialists now!

Dealing in all the reupatable brands, Pro AV Solutions can work with you to source and supply the perfect student devices that will empower your students and enhance the learning experience in your classroom. 

Are you after a different student device?

Pro AV Solutions deals in all reputable student device brands displays and can assist you with all your classroom display needs.

If you are looking for a brand or solution that isn’t listed here please contact us and we can work with you to find and provide the perfect interactive classroom solution that suits your schools, teachers and students needs. 


Pro AV Solutions is proud to be a authorized reseller of iBroker Education Laptop & Tablet Insurance

Underwritten by QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited, Pro AV Solutions, and iBroker Insurance can provide you with accidental loss or damage as well as theft cover for student devices. 

We can also work with you around school purhcase, parent purchase, or Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) programs. 

Ensuring that your student devices are protected again a wide variety of issues, we can work together to find the cover and arrangement that suits your needs. 

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