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A transformative digital technology for classrooms, Vacuum Forming is a user friendly way for students to experience the concept of product design and production in a fun, hands on learning activity.

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Vacuum forming, also known as Thermo moulding, is a technique that uses heat and suction to form plastic sheeting around a 3D product to create a mould.

The process involves heating a plastic sheet until soft and then draping it over a 3 dimensional item. A vacuum is used to create suction which is applied, sucking the sheet around the 3 dimensional model. The sheet is then ejected from the model, is left to cool and then it can be used to inject various different substances (soal, wax, chocolate etc) to create replicas of the original model.

Pair a vacuum forming machine with your 3D printing machine and you can have a full production process in your classroom. 

In its advanced form, the vacuum forming process utilizes sophisticated pneumatic, hydraulic and heat controls enabling higher production speeds or output rates, as well as more detailed applications.

Vacuum forming is an exciting new development in classroom technology that can create an authentic learning experience for your students.


Believing that everyone should have the freedom to make, the Makyu FormBox is a machine that makes workflows that are powerful and simple enough for anyone to control their production.

With a working area of 150mm x 150mm with a maximum draw depth of 130mm, you have plenty of room to turn any idea into reality.

When softened, FormBox sheets can pick up texture as fine as a human hair – making sure you get precision molds every time.

The FormBox uses a high airflow steel mesh and is paired with any home vacuum cleaner to create industrial-grade suction – pulling your sheet into all those tight crevices and deep details.


  • Mayku FormBox vacuum forming machine
  • Vacuum Cleaner adapter hose
  • Sample pack of Form sheets
  • Sample pack of Cast sheets
  • Easy to read booklet of operating principles and sample projects
  • 3 sample projects: Egg Cup, Phone Stand and Hologram Viewer


  • Forming Bed: 200 x 200mm
  • Draw Depth: 130mm
  • Sheet Size: 235 x 235mm, 0.25-1.5mm thick
  • Height: 315mm
  • Length (Including Handles): 466mm
  • Width: 274mm
  • Heater Temperature Range: 160 – 340 °C
  • Machine Weight: 10.4kgs
  • Boxed Weight: 12.9kg

PAVE Academy can also assist you and your school with exploring how you can utilise tools like the MAKYU Form Boxin your classroom and lesson planning to embed STEM and STEAM elements into all lessons and at every year level. With an highly experience teacher on our team, we have the support network that can help prepare your students for 21st-century learning and future pathways.

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Pair your MAKYU with a 3D Printer!

Pro AV Solutions can help you build your perfect STEM and STEAM classroom with all your 3D Printer and Vacuum Forming needs. 

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