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With a global focus of STEM and STEAM in our schools, Pro AV Solutions and the PAVE Academy are here to assist you with designing, building, extending and implementing a STEM and STEAM program in your school!

What is STEM and STEAM education?

As cited by Tsuprosm Kohler and Hallinen (2009) 

“STEM [and STEAM] education is an interdisciplinary approach to learning where rigorous academic concepts are coupled with real-world lessons as students apply Science, Technology, Engineering, [Art] and Mathematics in contexts that make the connection between school, community, work and the global enterprise enabling the development of STEM literacy and with it, the ability to compete in the new economy”.

But what does that mean??

STEM and STEAM means that students are encourage to explore their learning through taking thoughtful risks through experiential learning. They undertake problem-solving tasks, experience collaboration and work through a variety of different creative and logical processes to achieve an outcome. Teachers who incorporate STEm and STEAM into their classrooms look to embed skills and knowledge from Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics in areas that don’t traditionally call for these explicit skills and as such are preparing students to be learners of the 21st century. 

Does STEM and STEAM need to use digital tools?

While an effective STEM or STEAM program incorporates elements of both “plugged” [using technology] and “unplugged” [tasks that are away from a digital device], and it is important ti understand the differences. 

What are Unplugged STEM and STEAM activities??

Put very simply, unplugged STEM and STEAM tasks are those whoch take place away from a computer, device or digital tool and use traditional or ‘analogue’ teaching tools to help students achieve an understanding of key concepts of ideas that are being taught. The ideas are generally linked to a digital or computer concept but no computer is used in the experience

What are Plugged STEM and STEAM Activities?

Plugged STEM and STEAM tasks require students to use a computer, device or supportive digital tool like a coding robot or program to understand and apply computational skills and knowledge. Pro AV Solutions are experts in working with schools for this element of the STEM and STEAM program, and we can supply you with tried and tested digital learning tools that will facilitate your school’s STEM and STEAM program, regardless of what stage you may be at.  

Is a STEM or STEAM program limited to a particular age group?

The short answer to that question is NO!

STEM and STEAM programs can be designed and built for all ages, and Pro AV Solutions has the digital tools that can help students and teachers from kindergarten through through to university experience and embed STEAM and STEM into their learning journey. 

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Were you thinking about creating a MakerSpace in your school? 

Well Pro AV Solutions with our partners and affiliates can assist you with all your MakerSpace design, delivery and implementation needs!


Fully researched and authenticated as powerful learning tools for students, Pro AV Solutions can provide you with all your coding and robotic requirements to create a powerful STEM and STEAM program!

Pro AV Solutions can assist you and your school at choosing the right coding robot that best suits your needs.

We also have a full selection of demo robots available for you to come and try out in our education technology centre, helping you to make the right decision!


Pro AV Solutions can provide you with cutting edge classroom 3D Scanning and Printing tools, as well as the support to effectively take your learning into the next dimension!

Working with the reputable brands that have been tried and tested in the classroom, Pro AV Solutions can assist you
with all your 3D printing and scanning as well as support to enhance your STEM and STEAM program!


Extend your 3D program with our Makyu Vacuum Former. This simple to use tool will turbo charge your STEM and STEAM program in brilliant and exciting new directions!

Teach students the concepts of moulding and casting with this simple to use and easily accessible tool – allowing them to create 3D moulds of anything – from existing resources to concepts they have designed and printed in their 3D printer!

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This downloadable catalogue includes Coding Robots, Coding Games,  3D Printers, 3D Scanners, Vacuum Forming, and Makerspace solutions.

Pro AV Solutions & the PAVE Academy, working with schools to build powerful and engaging learning experiences for their students