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Interactive touch screens displays are poised to make unprecedented changes to the way learning occurs in a classroom. From student engagement and increased performance to teacher efficiency and connectivity, interactive screens are changing the face of digital pedagogy in the modern classroom.

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We know from experience, that when it comes to your interactive classroom display there’s no “one size fits all” solution. we work with you to develop an understanding of your organization and how you can leverage classroom interactive technologies. That means you get the solution that’s the best fit for your needs–improving both engagement and outcomes for groups of all ages and types.

Pro AV Solutions and the PAVE Academy deal in all interactive panels, however the following are our recommended solutions:


Offering the full range of Sphero coding robots, Pro AV Solutions can work with your teachers and your school to use these amazing tools to design, develop, and deliver a powerful STEM and STEAM program. 

The Sphero Range includes:

  • Mini
  • Bolt
  • RVR
  • Indi
  • LittleBits

There is a Sphero product for every student, of every age, to assist with embedding STEM and STEAm into all subjects.

Your only limitation is your imagination!

We also have a range of:

  • USB charging stations
  • classroom sets
  • accessories (chariots, covers, obstacles, etc)
  • activity mats & lesson cards
  • ready-made Sphero course guides and lesson plans
How does it work?
By connecting via Bluetooth to your computer or device, you use the SpheroEDU coding app to draw, drive or block code your robot. The user-friendly workspace is a great way to engage students with programming and coding in the classroom. 

PAVE Academy can also assist you and your school with exploring how you can utilise tools like the SPHERO in your classroom and lesson planning to embed STEM and STEAM elements into all lessons and at every year level. With an highly experience teacher on our team who is a certified “Sphero Lead Educator”, we have the support network that can help prepare your students for 21st-century learning and future pathways.

CLICK HERE to see our full range of Sphero robots and accessories!


Bolt & Mini





Brought to you by TTS, the award-winning “Bee-bot” and its sibling “Blue-Bot” provides a coding robot that allows children to develop control, programming, and communication skills in a fun and engaging way.

Without the need for a device, you can have your students coding Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot through a variety of different scenarios using either pre-made activity mats, tins or having the students design and build their very own. 

Coupled with the wide range of Bee-bot Accessories,  the Bee-Bot and Blue-Bots from Pro AV Solutions can support embedding STEM and STAM into the curriculum delivery in your classroom. From counting and spelling to narrative, exploration, and knowledge of the wonderful natural wonders of Australia, and event tools to create your own customized programs and scenarios, there is an educational resource to support every student, teacher and program.

Our range of TTS coding products includes:

  • individual Bee-Bot & Blue-Bot robots
  • a set of 6 robots, called a swarm
  • a huge range of activity mats
  • activity tins mapped to corresponding activity mats
  • trailers, tunnels, obstacle course & sensors 
  • pusher & pen holders
  • storage and transport accessories

Pro AV Solutions have all your Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot needs covered!

The APVE Academy can also support your school, your teachers, and your students with your new Bee-Bot or Blue-Bots. Working with one of our highly experienced education teams, we can help you to embed this powerful learning tool into your curriculum and explore ways in which it can diversify the way you teach content in your classrooms. 

CLICK HERE to see our full range of Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot robots and accessories!

Bleu & Bee Bot


Activity Mats

Activity Tins



Osmo is a brilliant education tool that allows you to bring coding principles into the younger years classroom. An interactive hardware and software, Osmo enables the iPad to merge the power of physical play with the digital advantages of real-time feedback.

Playing beyond the screen invites students to collaborate on tables or floors while manipulating tangible game pieces such as number tiles, letter tiles, and coding blocks.

With a wide variety of games, accessories and applications, Pro AV Solutions has all your Osmo needs covered for an engaging coding experience in your junior classrooms. 

Designed for younger students and catering for students of differing abilities, Osmo inspires creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration, skills vital in the 21st century. By sitting the iPad in a specially designed base, and sliding the Osmo mirror over the front facing camera, students can use real tactile pieces (that come in the game kits) to interact with the Osmo applications – creating a bridge between the real and digital world!  

What games are available?

There are a huge variety of different games available for teachers to embed technology and coding into your younger years’ classrooms.

Games like Words  (spelling and literacy games), Tangram (shape matching and building), Newton (physics), Numbers (numeracy), Coding Awbie (introduction to coding), Pizza Co. (cooking & entrepreneurship), Coding Jam (coding & music), Super Studio (art and drawing), to name but a few. The ever-increasing catalogue means that you can continue to develop and expand your coding and digital technology program easily and effectively with a tool that students LOVE!

CLICK HERE to see our full range of Osmo games and accessories!

Starter Kits

Expansion Games

Class Kits

Teacher Book


Measuring a mere 2.54cm in diameter and height, Ozobot is one of the smallest programmable robots in the world. Equipped with a powerful brain, it is a great tool to teach the programming and closing basics of programming in a fun and interactive way for students of any age. 

Ozobot opens the door to teaching coding in the plugged or unplugged STEAM classroom. Using either the ozobot markers to draw coloured lines to program your ozobot (unplugged) or connecting to your device via Bluetooth and using block coding, these versatile classroom coding robots will have students of all ages screaming for more!

How does it work?

In block coding mode, your Ozobot connects to your computer or device and is given instructions from a program that a student writes using the Ozblocky app. A simple to understand and using block programming application much like that used by Sphero.

In “unplugged mode”, the Ozobot uses a downward-facing camera to detect the colour of the line that sits directly underneath it. The colour of the line determines Ozobot movement and students can have the Ozobot moving by simply drawing lines on a piece of paper. 

A truly versatile coding robot for students of all ages, Pro AV Solutions can provide you and your school with this flexible coding solution that can have your STEAM program up and running quickly and efficiently. 

CLICK HERE to see our full range of Ozobot robots and accessories!

Ozobot Evo

Class Sets


Are you after a different Coding or Robotic solution?

Pro AV Solutions can help you find the perfect coding robot solution that exactly fits your needs.

With access to a wide range of coding products, we can work with you to source and supply the  brand or solution that isn’t listed here. Contact us and we can work with you to find and provide the perfect solution that suits your schools, teachers and students needs. 

Our STEM & STEAM Catalogue

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