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Pro AV Solutions and the PAVE Academy

This tool has been specifically designed for teachers. Therefore please note that only emails with the domain are allowed for registration. Thank you for your understanding.

Partnering with the education sector for all its technology and audio-visual needs

From Instructional Solutions to Innovative Education, Pro AV Solutions can supply all educators and schools with the technology to help their students reach the next level. From early childhood, primary and secondary through to tertiary studies, Pro AV Solutions is your key education technology provider.

To further facilitate this, Pro AV is proud to announce the launch of the PAVE Academy; designed to support our amazing school partners and their educators with the integration of our education technology in the pedagogical practice.

Our courses

Using Game Based Activities

This suite of courses looks at the Game-Based Activities inside the SMART Learning Suite and how they can apply to increase student engagement through creating an interactive classroom environment.

Creating Interactive and Engaging Lessons

Unpacks the theoretical concepts behind student engagement in the classroom and the role interactive tasks play in that engagement.

Webinar Recordings

Provides teachers the opportunity to apply their knowledge into their classroom and to share their ideas and learning with other teachers in the PAVE Academy Network through writing a Blog article for the PAVE Academy website.

Supporting teachers and educators every step of the way

Pro AV Solutions has developed the PAVE Academy, a Professional Learning and Coaching program that supports teachers in their implementation of these educational technologies in their teaching practice. Working with teachers of all abilities, PAVE Academy provides a variety of different professional learning and coaching resources including whole staff instructional sessions, small group workshops for teachers to learn in their teams or domains and/or 1:1 coaching sessions, as well as a series of On Demand Micro PD Courses, all mapped against Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) standards, teachers will be issued with a certificate of completion to ensure that teachers can use the professional learning, workshop and/or coaching sessions for their annual teacher registrations

Pro AV Solutions, through their PAVE Academy are working to ensure that teachers and schools don’t only utilise the investments made in education technology with Pro AV Solutions, but also help the educators, teachers and support staff embed these powerful learning tools and resources into their teaching practice, to ensure that all students are engaged with their learning and that they are fully supported to achieve strong learning outcomes.

“Trinity College was delighted with the attention to detail and authentic partnership formed with Pro AV. By working closely with their experienced team we were able to implement some excellent and innovative solutions to significantly enhance our Teaching and Learning.”
Nick Hately, Principal
Principal - Trinity College

PAVE Academy provides a variety of different professional learning and coaching resources including:

Solutions for every learning environment

Pro AV Solutions is truly the complete digital education resource package-supplying STEM/STEAM resources like robotics and coding kits and Project Based Learning tools; interactive classroom solutions, projection solutions, 3D scanning/printing, 1:1 student devices like iPads and laptops, to large scale screens, signage, audio systems and Maker Spaces, Pro AV Solutions can supply your school with all the audio visual and education technology resources your students need to reach their learning potential.