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Interactive technologies

We work with you to identify the best interactive solutions for your learning spaces.

We know from experience, that when it comes to your classroom display there’s no “one size fits all” solution. we work with you to develop an understanding of your organization and how you can leverage classroom interactive technologies. That means you get the solution that’s the best fit for your needs–improving both engagement and outcomes for groups of all ages and types.

smart technologY

Our 2022 range of SMART Boards for education are built for the connected classroom. Bring your displays, software and personal devices together.

SMART Boards are the pinnacle of classroom interactive panels. While the interface that connects external devices to the screen are user friendly, the ability to screen share is quick and seamless, and the interactive elements and tools for the screen are faultless. It's the decisions that drive the design and production of these panels that makes them stand out from the rest.

The pedagogical implications that these boards have on the learning in the classroom have been backed up by education specific software, designed to extend the power of the SMART Board and enhance the learning experience in the classroom for students.

The embedding of game-based learning tools, coupled with the manipulatives, interactive whiteboard templates and collaborative learning tools make the SMART Board and in turn its related software, the SMART Learning Suite, the most powerful and engaging interactive screen package on the market today.

smart technologY range

GX Series
65”, 75” or 86” Displays

Mx Series
65”, 75” or 86” Displays

6000 Series
65”, 75” or 86” Displays

Pro AV Solutions & PAVE Academy are GOLD Partners in SMART Technology

Pro AV Solutions Victoria' Education Specialist Benjamin Pisani is a SMART Certified Trainer


The Commbox interactive display is the perfect tool for educators to bring collaborative lessons that encourage active participation, allowing interactive presentations, annotation over digital content and access to educational apps. All in one.

It features anti-glare glass and HD or FHD (4K) resolution, which combat the affect an unclear image could have your lessons. The viewing angle on LED touchscreens with these features is second to none.

CommBox Interactive Classic V3

CommBox Interactive Pulse V3


Designed for the creative thinking, Samsung interactive boards allow to seamlessly draw, write and collaborate with a smooth passive pen in a variety of available colours, styles and widths.

Some of the tools include brush mode or the possibility of writing on any background on any background source. Up to four people can write simultaneously, using any object as a writing tool.

The Samsung Flip can be also be used as a calendar, scheduler, note or checklist board, matching any classroom need, allowing participants to utilize the display in many customized ways.