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10 Tips to Cater for Different Learning Abilities - Differentiation in the Classroom


Course Code: ODW21-10

LENGHT: 70 mins


  • 4.1 – Support student participation

  • 3.3 – Use teaching strategies

  • 3.2 – Plan, structure and sequence learning programs

DATE SESSION RAN LIVE: Wednesday 18th August 2021


This course, run as a part of the SMART Technology webinar series, is presented by our Victorian Education Specialist Benjamin Pisani, and explores differentiation in the classroom and how teachers can cater for the variety of learning levels and abilities in their lessons. Covering 10 tips, Ben provides teachers with some tools they can use in their classrooms right away while also providing examples and descriptions of how they were used in his own classroom. 

  • RECORDING: a recording of the webinar has been made available for you to access and view at your convenience

  • REFLECTION TASK: a link to a reflection task which is designed to trigger the learning that was covered in the session.
  • Completing the course

  • Getting your certificate!

Let's begin

Part 1: Webinar Recording

This 65 minute video is a recording of a live webinar that was run on Wednesday 18th August 2021.

Presented by Ben Pisani (Pro AV Solutions), this session explores differentiation in the classroom and how teachers can cater for the variety of learning levels and abilities in their lessons.

Reflection Task:

The following button below will open a form that is designed to get you reflecting on the elements that were covered in this course.

These 5 questions should be used to unpack some of the learning that you experienced in this session, as well as providing you with an opportunity to think about how you can apply this knowledge into your own situation moving forward. 

Upon submission, the system will automatically send you a copy of your responses for your records so please ensure that your email is entered correctly.

Part 2: What's Next?

Now that you have completed the course, its your turn to implement some of the suggestions and ideas that were raised.

Getting your certificate

Congratulations! You are a step away of getting your PAVE Academy certificate. 

Simply click the link below – you will be redirected to a certificate application form for you to complete. 
Once the application form is completed, your certificate will be emailed to you.

Please ensure to save the certificate on your device for your reference.
If you lose it, please get in contact via the Contact Us page and we will assist with acquiring a new one.