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Education Solutions

Coding and Robotics

Foster student curiosity, investigation, and inquiry-based thinking.


Sphero takes students “beyond code” with collaborative STEAM activities, laying the foundation for computer science through discovery and play based learning.

Ignite curiosity and transform your classroom by having students explore the world of coding robotics with one of the Sphero range.

Using any one of the Sphero robots range will allow teachers to foster creativity, collaboration and problem solving into their classroom. Explore hands on learning by having students create construction and exploration based activities in their learning.

Talk to one of our PAVE Academy team about how you can explore embedding Sphero Coding Robots into your classroom to teach the four C’s of 21st century learning:
- Creativity
- Collaboration
- Critical thinking
- Communication.

The complete range of
Sphero Coding Robots

Sphero Indi

Sphero SPRK+

Sphero Bolt

Sphero Mini

Sphero RVR

Coding Mats
& Activity Cards

City & Golf Activity Mat

Space & Soccer Activity Mat

Classroom Activity Mat #1

Classroom Activity Mat #2

Sphero Activity Card Pack

Coursework &
Curriculum Books

Computer Science Foundation (Book 1)

Computer Science Foundation (Book 2)

Computer Science Foundation (Book 3)

Accessories for all
the Sphero Range


Terrain Parks


LittleBits RVR Topper Kits


Bee-Bot is the perfect starting point for junior students, to teach control and directional language or programming. This highly engaging and interactive coding tool puts creativity directly in the hands of the students as they program their Bee-Bot to move through various landscapes and scenarios.

Use Bee-Bot to numeracy teach direction and distance or pair Bee-Bot with a cross-curricular mats and let Bee-Bot expand on a student's storytelling ability ,the possibilities are endless. Personalise the learning to suit the students learning needs and extended collaboration activities for your classroom by having students use the pusher or pen/camera holders or by recording their own sounds into the unit.

Bee-Bot is a coding solution that is extremely accessible to a huge range of students, including those with auditory and visual processing needs.

Coding Robots



Bee-Bot Swarm

Blue-Bot Swarm

Coding Mats & Activity Tins

Themed Coding Mats

Transparent Coding Mats

Activity Tins


Bulldozers & Pen Holders

Tunnels, Obstacle Courses & Trailers

Storage Bags

Direction Cards & Modular Roads


Osmo is designed to inspire the youngest generation of students, while meeting the needs of teachers who want to create positive and engaging technology interactions for their students.

It enables students to merge the power of physical play with digital devices, using iPads, the Osmo App, and physical manipulatives to provide students with a hands-on, engaging, interactive coding experience that provides them with real-time feedback.

Promoting creativity, critical thinking, and communication, Osmo encourages student collaboration through the "playing beyond the screen" concept, manipulating tangible game pieces such as number tiles, letter tiles, and coding blocks that reflect coding and programming actions in the application.

Truly a powerful way to bring coding into the younger classrooms and have the students engage in the digital world. Starting with the entry kit and then moving out to various expansion kits, Osmo is truly the perfect coding solution for the early years classrooms that inspire a hands-on coding experience.

OSMO Classroom Kits

Includes: 4 Bases/Mirror Sets as well as Numbers, Words, Tangram, Newton, Masterpiece games & Teacher Guides

OSMO Starting Kits:

Pizza, Co, Detective Agency

Drawing Studio

Coding Starter Kit

Expansion Games

Pizza Co,

Detective Agency,

Drawing Studio (Various Themes)