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While the classroom display plays an central role in the digital pedagogy in learning, the way in which the display is installed in the classroom can be just as important. With that in mind, Pro AV Solutions can provide you with a variety of wall mounted and mobile trolley options that can change the way in which you use digital technology in your classroom!

We know from experience, that when it comes to your classroom display there’s no “one size fits all” solution. we work with you to develop an understanding of your organization and how you can leverage classroom technologies. That means you get the solution that’s the best fit for your needs–improving both engagement and outcomes for groups of all ages and types.

Pro AV Solutions and the PAVE Academy deal in all interactive panels, however the following are our recommended solutions:


If you’re looking to purchase and install a classroom display, be it an interactive or non-interactive screen, then you’ll need to consider not only where you want it installed but also how you what display mounted to the wall.

If you want a simple and cost-effective solution that doesn’t have any extra features, a Fixed TV wall mount might be the best option for you. 

Most Fixed TV wall mounts feature a wall bracket and two TV mounting arms. They are a simple design for a sleek low profile look that provides a strong mounting base and is the most basic method for hanging your HDTV on the wall.

With features like they are super strong in their construction, 34mm spacing between the display and the wall, long vertical rails allowing for height adjustment of the display, 8-degree tilt to adjust display presentation, and anti-theft secure mounting, a fixed wall mounting bracket is the “go to” installation accessory for most interactive and non-interactive displays. 

Also available in a tilting option, controlled by two easy-to-use and adjust wingnut handles, this tilt fixed wall mounting provides you with adjustment ±15º to achieve the optimum viewing angle, there is a fixed wall mount bracket that can suit all your display installation needs. Speak to one of our education specialists to discuss which solution best suits you!


For display flexibility, consider installing a motorized height-adjustable wall mount. Controlled by a wired remote to the frame, these solutions are a heavy-duty wall-mount for single flat-screen displays and will allow you to customise the height of the classroom screen for the people who is presenting. 

Controlled easily, the one-touch, electric lift capability for flat screens, in landscape orientation, can raise and lower the classroom display to suit any teacher or student who may be using the board or screen and can be perfect for those primary school classrooms who have an interactive board that is used by both the teacher and student.

For screens between 42″ and 86″ weighing up to 120kg, with quiet actuators that extend the screen position to approximately 1950mm from the ground, and built from heavy-duty materials, our motorized height adjustable wall mount can be the perfect solution for learning diversity in your classroom.


With the movement towards flexible learning spaces, moving your classroom displays from an installed wall mount to a mobile AV Tolley can allow teachers to customize the ways in which their classroom displays are used learning.

Featuring large casters for easy mobility, a tip-safe design to prevent the screen from tipping over when being moved, telescopic adjustment for the height and designed to fit through doorways, our selection of manual height adjustment mobile trolleys can revolutionize the role that your classroom displays plays in your approach to digital pedagogy.


Did you want to take your classroom flexibility to the next level? Well with our motorized height adjustable mobile trolleys you can have all the flexibility of a mobile trolley as well as the control to ensure that all students and teachers can use it.

Using the same technology as our Motorised Height Adjustable Wall Mount covered above, this solution is also controlled by a wired remote to the frame, is for single flat-screen displays, and will allow you to customize the height of the classroom screen for the people who are presenting. 


While mobile trolleys open the door for teachers to think about how they place the technology in the learning space to enhance student learning, their impact on the pedagogical approaches has been somewhat limited to that.  Traditionally, the classroom display itself is the driving force behind the way in which the technology is used in the pedagogical approaches to learning, but with the Tilt-2-Table trolley, the trolley can play a major role in how you use your display in your teaching.

With the full range of mobility, from the traditional upright stance to a flat tabletop orientation, you can now maximize the roles in which your display is used in the classroom. 

The opportunities to extend the ways in which the technology drives the learning in your classroom is endless. Imagine using an interactive display in table-top configuration and having all your students standing around it. You could have a highly interactive and collaborative learning experience with your classroom technology at the centre of it all!

From planning plays on the sporting field and annotating maps to interacting with 3D models, the tabletop configuration of a display can revolutionize the pedagogical approaches that you take to learning in your classroom, transforming the way in which your classroom technology lies at its core.


While technology in the classroom is vital to ensure that the learning is at the cutting edge, students’ and teachers’ ability to access and use that technology is vital to ensuring its success. With that in mind, we need to consider all the needs of all the students in our schools, including those with physical challenges. 

With that in mind, our range of specially designed, engineered and manufactured Special Needs Mobile Trolleys ensures that all students in your classroom can engage with the displays that are installed in your classrooms. 

This mobile trolley can be tilted forwards to allow students in a wheelchair, as well as tilting backward for those students with walking aids – providing all students to access all regions of the screen.

The open gauge legs allow for the student and their walking aids or wheelchairs to come right up to the display to fully interact with all regions – a true fully inclusive technology solution that will ensure all learners can engage with technology in the classroom. 

Are you after a different installation solution?

Pro AV Solutions specializes in all classroom display installations and can provide you with the perfect installation solution that meets all of your teacher’s and students’ needs.

From the solutions listed above to fully customized project installations, our expert and highly trained customer liaison, project management, and installation teams can work with you to find and install the perfect display solution. Click the contact us button and speak to one of our education specialists to explore your options now!