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Projectors are a powerful learning tools that turn the humble whiteboard into a highly engaging learning environment that works to blur the walls of the classroom and brings the digital world into the daily classroom learning activities.

The Pro AV Solutions & the PAVE Academy can supply your school with your all your Education Technology Solutions and then support you through to the embedding and implementation stage. 

Working with our projection specialists, Pro AV Solutions & the PAVE Academy can ensure that we find, supply and install the perfect projection solution for your classroom.

In today’s classroom, a teacher’s ability to clearly convey a message of learning or demonstrate ideas, concepts and skills to students is only limited by the depth of detail in the way in which these messages are conveyed. When limited only to a traditional whiteboard, teachers are required to rely on their physical ability to write or draw concepts that support their explanations, however, with a projector at the front of the classroom, teachers can turn their stock standard whiteboards into giant screens, extending the power of digital tools on their laptops or tablets into their content and curriculum delivery.

Projectors also give teachers the opportunity to respond to student voice during a lesson, pivoting the lesson plan to directly reflect students’ questions or to bring in an industry expert into the classroom through video media to support the concepts being discussed. Couple that with Epson’s interactive curtain, and you can turn your projection tool into an interactive whiteboard, giving teachers the opportunity to manipulate and drive their computer from the whiteboard thanks to interactive sensors

Pro AV Solutions and the PAVE Academy work directly with EPSON Australia to supply the entire range of EPSON Projectors, ensuring that we can find the perfect projection solution for your classroom. 

Including mid-range, short throw, ultra-short-throw, and interactive projectors, we can work with you to create the perfect projection solution for your classroom, meeting room, or school hall.

Presented on either a standard classroom whiteboard, a painted white wall, or a specialized Grandview Projection screen, you can transform your classroom learning environment into an engaging and exciting experience for your students. 

The EPSON Classroom Projection range includes:

Mid-Range Projectors

  • EB-972
  • EB-982
  • EB-992F
  • EB-L200F
  • EB-2250U
  • EB-2265U

Short & Ultra-Short Throw Projectors

  • EB-L200SW
  • EB-685W
  • EB-735F

Interactive Projectors

  • EB-725Wi
  • EB-735Fi
  • EB-695Wi
  • EB-1480Fi
  • EB-1485Fi

From your entry-level lamp projection to your large venue laser projectors, we can work with you to ensure that we have the right projector to suit your needs, your classroom and your students learning.


If you need a simple interactive solution, but you don’t want to give up your dry erase whiteboard, our interactive projectors for education may be the right fit for your classroom. You can even project directly onto a wall and use finger touch and interactive pens to deliver digital lesson content.

Contact us to discuss how you can use an interactive projector in your classroom pedagogical approach to improve student learning outcomes. 

Are you after a different projection solution?

Pro AV Solutions and the PAVE Academy deal in all popular and reputable brands of projectors and can help yoU with all your classroom projection needs.

Contact us to discuss your projection needs and our specialist education solution team can work directly with you to ensure that we find the solution that works perfectly for you and your classroom. 

Operating as a leading projection screen manufacturer for over 20 years, Grandview Screens design and build internationally acclaimed projector screens that are meant to last.  Offering a range of affordable projection screens and projector accessories for schools, Grandview projection screens have dedication to quality at the forefront of their thinking, 

From powered to manual options, you can select from our vast collection of Grandview screens for educational institutions, large-scale events, hotels and more. As longstanding and trusted suppliers of premium quality screens in Australia, Grandview knows precisely what the market needs and have delivered just that.

  • Manual Screens
  • Motorised Screens
  • Tab-Tension screens
  • Fixed-Frame Screens
  • Portable screens
  • Recessed ceiling screens
  • Large stage screens
  • Whiteboard screens
  • Ambient light reflection screens

Mounts and lifts: Looking for a fixed ceiling mount or motorised lift mount? We carry projector mounts from Grandview’s comprehensive range that allows you to tilt and pivot projectors, fix from high-ceiling environments and hang solidly from angled or sloped ceilings. All are easily assembled, so you’ll be up and running in no time.

  • Fixed ceiling mount
  • Multipurpose mount
  • Motorised projector lift
  • Motorised rigging strap
  • Motorised cable manager
  • Iron hand
Classroom projection screens sizes available from anywhere between 95″ to 200″ – suiting all your projection needs!

Accessories: Tailor your projector and screen set up with Grandview Screens’ portfolio of accessories, including remotes, RF wireless triggers, switches, and installation brackets.

Fabrics: Grandview has designed and developed their own custom range of white, black, transparent and grey fabrics that can be fitted to every screen type in their portfolio. All materials are mildew-resistant and robust enough to withstand bowing and curling. All fabrics are certified and recognised by Image Science Foundation for superb performance.