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PAVE Academy Online Education Journal

The PAVE Academy are proud to present you with our online journal/blog. Addressing a variety of different issues and topics, we will publish articles regularly that are designed to assist teachers and educators with their professional development with regards to the implementation of digital technology into their classrooms.

Each article will include not only helpful resources and information to assist your teaching practice, but will also provide you with 5 key questions that can be used to engage in professional discussions with colleagues or your team, helping to drive the information from theses articles into powerful items that can be actioned by your team for your students.

We have also provided any references and resources that have been used in the creation of these articles so you can extend your reading if you so choose.


The PAVE Academy would also like to extend an invitation to our readers to submit an article that shares your experiences and successes with incorporating digital technology in the classroom. It is only through shared experience that we can truely effect the learning for the students in our classrooms, and the PAVE Academy would like to provide a platform to facilitate this.

If you would like to contribute by writing an article, please contact Ben Pisani on 0411 148 950 or to discuss how we can share your experience in the PAVE online journal.


The following articles will present you with general news and updates to keep you informed and in the loop. 


The following articles will unpack various different digital pedagogical approaches to ensure that teachers and educators understand the research and theory that is being applied to EduTech solutions in classrooms across the globe


Gamification and Game-Based Learning is a new pedagogical approach that is taking student engagement to a new level. These articles will present you with detailed examples of how you can incorporate GBL into your classroom.


PAVE Academy is the Education Arm of Pro AV Solutions, and as such we are committed to providing schools with technology that is not only powerful and effective but also innovative.

These articles will present a “spotlight” on some of the innovative solutions that the PAVE Academy and Pro AV Solutions offer schools to enhance digital pedagogical approaches.