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3D Printing, 3D Scanning, and Vacuum Forming


3D printing creates a physical 3-dimensional object from a 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) file. Once an object has been scanned it passes through a software platform called a "slicer" which converts the 3D model into a series of thin, 2 dimensional layers. It also creates a series of instructions, also referred to as a G-Code which can be tailored to your 3D printer.

3D printing’s in education allows students to bring objects out of the computer screen and into the real world, physically manipulating and inspecting their digital creations.

Limited only by their imagination, students can 3D print their own version of historical artefacts from ancient Egypt, physical architectural models of their visual communication designs, typography maps of geological locations, molecule, and cell structures for examination. Alternatively, like the astronauts on the international space station, students could explore ways in which they could repair broken items by designing and printing replacement parts.

Applications for the ways in which 3D printers can be used in the modern-day classroom are only limited by the students, and the teacher’s imaginations.3D printing is a key tool in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Mathematics) Education giving students the ability to conceptualize and visualize their designs while modelling the process of moving through the development process, from the design stage to the final product.

Creating not only an exciting and engaging learning activity, student’s creativity, problem-solving, inventive, and original thinking skills are developed, preparing them for the future.


Inventor2, Creator Pro2, Creator3, Inventor1, Hunter, Guider 2-S


Replicator Plus, Replicator Z18

Raise 3D

Pro2, Pro2+, E2


Build Platforms, Surfaces & Tapes


Designed to transform beginners to professionals, the Matter & Form V2 3D Scanner is the next evolution of desktop 3D scanning. Unlocking student’s potential, they can digitize real world items and then, with the help of the MFStudio software, manipulate and modify these designs to drive existing designs into a new and exciting realm. Paired with a 3D printer, students can transform their creations into real3D models


Mayku FormBox turns your classroom into a creative powerhouse giving students a hands-on STEAM learning experience by designing and creating prototypes, moulds and castings that turn their ideas into real world solutions. A desktop vacuum former with a generous 150mm x 150mm working area, with a maximum draw depth of 130mm,the Makyu FormBox provides students with plenty of room to turn that idea into reality. When softened, FormBox sheets can pick up texture as fine as human hair ensuring precision moulds every time, coupled with the high airflow steel mesh to create industrial grade suction–high detailed moulds and casts are created effortlessly, pulling your sheet into all those tight crevices and deep details.