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2022 Updates - The next generation of SMART Boards

February 2022

As we enter the 2022 school year, there are some very exciting new updates and developments with the new generation of 6000S and MX Series SMART Boards. 

Included in this article are the updates to SMARTs famous IQ module and its elements. Please watch the video update below from SMART Technologies and then see our review notes underneath.  



  • (6000S) 40 points of touch – and upgrade from 20, increasing the points of simultaneous touch at the screen. 
  • (6000S) Integrated microphone array on the top left-hand side of the screen bezel. This allows you to connect the microphone array to video conferencing programs or use it to record a lesson for future reference and revision for students. 
  • (6000S) SMART ID Cards & NFC sign-in, increasing the ease for teachers to sign into their SMART Board with a SMART ID Card. Tapping it to the surface of the board and entering a Pin will update the board with all your settings and recent files. 
  • (Both models) Upgraded to Android 9
  • USB-C Port improvements including additional ports (MX Series) and more power to these connections (6000S)
  • (MX) A zero-bonded glass upgrade that gives more precision inking, a better image, and reduced overall weight. 



Please note that as both models use the same iQ system, these updates apply to both the new 6000S and the MX Series.


  • SMART Mirror gives students 3 ways to connect to the board.
  1. Natively using your AirPlay, Chromecast, MiraCast, etc.
  2. Via the SMART Mirror App
  3. Via the web through a web link posted on the screen share tool.
  • Annotation – There is now the ability to annotate elements on any screen shared images.
  • Grid View – allowing you to share the screens of multiple students simultaneously. 
  • Spotlight – move between spotlighting students’ work and then back to grid view quickly and easily.
  • Multitasking – bounce between the whiteboard and screen sharing without losing who is displaying their information on the screen.
  • Touchback (controlling your device when it is connected wirelessly to the SMART Board) – available on Windows and Mac systems when connecting through the SMART Mirror app. 


Collaborative Whiteboard:

  • Not only can you share the whiteboard, but you and the students can collaborate on the whiteboard session in real-time.  


New Tools in Whiteboard:

  • The infinite cloner has been added as an option to elements added onto the whiteboard 
  • Convert handwriting to text with the simple 
  • Share button – allows saving the session as a PDF or a SMART Notebook file to use on your computer.
  • With either option, you choose to save the lesson/session locally on the board or you can save it to a USB flash drive that you may have connected to the board. 

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