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HDi Mobile Trolleys


The modern-day classroom is changing, with new technologies being introduced to the sector that is changing the ways in which teachers and students interact with the learning that is occurring. One of the biggest technology shifts is the introduction of displays and screens, in specific interactive screens into the classroom. These devices are amazing and change the way in which technology drives learning in the classroom, but that is not the focus of this spotlight, instead of for this article, we are focusing on the ways in which they are installed in the space and specifically, mobile trolley solutions that provide ultimate flexibility for the learning space. 

While mounting an interactive screen to the wall is standard practice, a wall mounted screen can create a immovable structure to the way teachers design their classroom layout, the learning activities, and the location where they deliver explicit teaching in a lesson. With the ever-growing pedagogical ideals of student-centered learning, there is starting to be a need for learning spaces to be more flexible, allowing teachers to shift the learning focus from a single location dependant upon the needs of the lesson and the learners. And with this, many classrooms and schools are starting to explore mobile trolleys for their displays and interactive screens, and in this article, we are going to discuss 2 modes in the HDi mobile trolleys from TechnologyCore that can open up the ways in which teachers and students engage with the learning:

– The Mobi Elite Plus Tilt-2-Table

– The Mobi Special Edition (SE) Trolley

"The physical space serves as an intellectual gymnasium with multiple, flexible spaces that accommodate a variety of learning tasks"

– American Association of School Librarians

HDi's Mobi (SE) Special Edition Mobile Trolley

While technology in the classroom is vital to ensure that the learning is at the cutting edge, students’ and teachers’ ability to access and use that technology is vital to ensuring its success. With that in mind, we need to consider all the needs of all the students in our schools, including those with physical challenges. 

With that in mind, we would like to draw your attention to the Mobi SE Trolley as a means to ensure that all students in your classroom can engage with the displays that are installed in your classrooms. 

Due to the needs of schools, HDi has proudly engineered and manufactured a mobile trolley that is specifically designed for students and people with special needs. While offering a full range of electric height adjustments is not necessarily unique to mobile trolleys on the market, it is the additional feature of the forward and backward tilt that makes this mobile trolley special.

This trolley has the ability to be tilted forwards to allow students in a wheelchair to have full access of the display. In addition to this, the screen can tilt backwards allowing those students with walking aids to be able to easily access all regions of the screen. The open gauge legs allow for the student and their walking aids or wheelchairs to come right up to the display to fully interact with all regions – a true fully inclusive technology solution that will ensure all learners can engage with technology in the classroom. 

An added bonus is the fact that there is an in-built power board that allows you to connect devices and displays to the trolley without having to worry about cables getting in the way of students, especially those with special needs, they have truely thought of everything.

The cherry on top, with this trolley is that while it is designed for the HDi 55″ EDGE Interactive display, it does cater for the wider range of VESA mounts (400×400 & 400×600) meaning that you can use this powerful learning device for the displays you currently have in your classroom, transforming your existing technology into a fully inclusive solution quickly, easily and without being too costly. 

If you would like to discuss getting one of these amazing, Australian-made mobile trolleys for your school please hit the CONTACT US button at the top of the screen to arrange to speak to one of our education specialists. 

"All of us do not have equal talent, but all of us should have an equal opportunity to develop our talent."

– John F. Kennedy

HDi's Mobi Elite Plus Tilt-2-Table Mobile Trolley

While we discuss the concept of flexibility in the learning space, it is also worth noting of another fantastic mobile trolley on offer fromt he HDi mobile trolley range – the Elite Plus – Tilt 2 Table.

While mobile trolleys open the door for teachers to think about how they place the technology in the learning space to enhance student learning, their impact on the pedagogical approaches has been somewhat limited to that.  Traditionally, the classroom display itself is the driving force behind the way in which the technology is used in the pedagogical approaches to learning, but with the Elite Plus Tilt-2-Table trolley, the trolley can play a major role in how you use your display in your teaching.

With the full range of mobility, from the traditional upright stance to a flat tabletop orientation, you can now maximize the roles in which your display is used in the classroom. 

Note: It is worth noting that not all screens are warrantied for tabletop configuration. While HDi Interactive screens are warrantied as table-tops this does not apply to all manufacturers. We recommend that before you purchase this solution you explore the warranty restrictions and conditions around your displays. 

The opportunities to extend the ways in which the technology drives the learning in your classroom is endless. Imagine using an interactive display in table-top configuration and having all your students standing around it. You could have a highly interactive and collaborative learning experience with your classroom technology at the centre of it all!

From planning plays on the sporting field and annotating maps to interacting with 3D models, the tabletop configuration of a display can revolutionize the pedagogical approaches that you take to learning in your classroom, transforming the way in which your classroom technology lies at its core. 


Are you interested in exploring one of these mobile trolley solutions in your classroom? Can you see them revolutionising the way in which the technology is used for your students learning? Click the CONTACT US button on the top of this page to reach out to discuss how we can assist you!

Questions that can drive discussion around how digital technology can change your pedagogical approach - designed to spark professional discussions with your colleagues


Think about the classroom technology that you have in your school. How could solutions like this impact the pedagogical approaches that teachers take to learning in the classroom?


Do you have any students in your school with special needs? How can a solution like this benefit your students?


If you were to adopt a technology solution like this, what support would teachers need around their pedagogical approaches to ensure these tools were used effectively?


How comfortable do you feel stepping out of your comfort zone? Adopting new technology into teaching practice requires you to rethink how you do what you do so well. Are you ready to take the leap? What challenges might you face if you do?


If you were to consider using a mobile trolley for your classroom technology, why do I want to make these changes? What am I trying to achieve with this development in my professional approach?


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