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Recorded Webinars... what is available?

The PAVE Academy is proud to offer a variety of webinars to teachers and educators all over Australia on topics that are designed to asisst them directly with the learning that is happening in the classroom. The topics have been proposed by teachers within the PAVE Academy Network and are presented by fully registered and highly experienced teaches… and all sessions are FREE!

All webinars that we run are recorded and made available as on demand courses after the fact, so that teaches who attended the live session can go back and revisit the key ideas covered to strengthen their understanding, or for those teaches who were unable to attend the live session can still engage and learn at a time the is most convenient to them.

Mapped to AITSL Standards, each webinar will offer participants a certificate of completion which can be used as evidence for annual teacher registration professional development requirements. 

So what is on offer:

We have presented our entire catalogue of recorded webinars in categories that reflect the years when they were presented. All our content is reviewed regularly and any session or recording that is outdated or has been superseded by another presentation will be removed from the catalogue, so you can be assured that the content you are accessing is relevant and applicable to teaching today. 

Once you have registered for a PAVE Academy Account (using your school based email address) you can access the following recorded webinars:

2020 Program

  • Bringing your ‘A Game’ to remote learning
  •  Delivering High Impact Teaching & Learning in Face to Face & Remote Learning Situations

2021 Program

  • The SAMR Model: Assessing the effectiveness of technology using this framework
  • Tips for classroom organisation: design your classroom for ultimate workflow
  • Tips for classroom & behaviour management
  • Engaging students with Project-Based Learning
  • Tips for parent teacher interviews
  • Tips for building positive relationships with parents/guardians
  • Effective Time Management Skills
  • Digital Assessment: collecting & managing student assessment
  • Using data to inform your teaching
  • 10 Tips to cater for different learning abilities: Differentiation in the classroom
  • The importance of a work/life balance
  • Including student voice & agency in your teaching
  • The digital curriculum: plugged & unplugged learning and how to embed it into your teaching
  • Blended Learning – understand the hybrid classroom
  • Introduction to the Victorian Teaching & Learning Model (VTLM)
  • Reflection & Planning: how looking backwards can inform you movement forwards


The PAVE Academy is a service offered by Pro AV Solutions to support the amazing work that is being done by teachers and educators throughout Australia.

To sign up for your PAVE Academy account so you can access these webinar recordings, follow the next 4 steps

  • Click on the “person” icon at the top of this webpage
  • Click on the register button at the bottom of the sign in window
  • Fill out the form, ensuring you use your teaching email address. This could be a government issued education email address or a school based email address) and then click the Register button.
  • You are now fully registered and you can click on the Learning Academy menu item to access our on-demand courses.

If you wanted to access any of the upcoming live sessions, you can register by clicking the LIVE WEBINARS menu option and following the prompts.

The PAVE Academy Teacher Network

All teachers who attend a live webinar or complete an on-demand course have the option to become a part of the PAVE Academy Teacher Network. What does this network do? Teachers in this network are the driving force behind the content that is developed and delivered – influencing the topics that are delivered for our program, as well as having opportunities for teachers to present and share their work through blogs and webinar presentations. 

If you would like to become a part of the PAVE Academy Teacher Network to suggest a topic that we should run, present a webinar or share a journal article, please click the contact us button at the top of the page and send us an email – we would love to have you on board!

DONT FORGET that all our courses, be they live, recorded or on demand are mapped to AITSL standards and earn participants a certificate of completion which can be used as evidence for your annual teacher registration requirements. So once you have finished watching a recording of a session, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the GET CERTIFICATE button to fill out the form so we can send you your certificate!

Also, new on demand webinar recordings will appear within 1 week after each live session has run, so please keep checking for new content and courses